Best 13 Inch Laptop Under 500


Many people consider traveling laptops very specific and different than ordinary machines. But, in fact, the casual laptops are the traveling machines which you can easily carry with you when leave home or country. Secondly, the small sized laptops are the bets to travel with. If you have 15.6 or 17.3 inches machines, then these can never be easily carried in traveling. So, you must minimize the overall size of your favorite machine if you are always in traveling.

You should never confuse about specs, features, performance, compatibility, software quality and overall performance of mini laptops by reduction in their sizes. In fact, the same companies make these small sized machines with similar technology and specs. However, the display size is only less than big machines. Today, there are hundreds of laptops in 13 inches and under $500 that is an average budget to buy advance products.

Excessive Increase in Popularity and Uses of Small Machines:

Small sized machines are greatly famous among users around the world than big machines. Basically, these mini laptops are easy to carry and move. Further, these machines also own same technology, software, operating system and other specs as large sized machines have. These laptops can be used similar to ordinary and big display machines. It is a big fact that mini sized like 13 inches machines have better performance, battery timing and efficiency than big sized products. That is why; these machines in small sizes are rapidly becoming famous and trendy throughout the world.

Factors You Must Consider When Buying 13 Inch Laptop:

When you are interested to buy a laptop under $500 and just in a size of 13 inch, then you must be careful and prefer only leading brands of the world. Secondly, the buyers must read review  of these machines before to buy. It would be very beneficial and useful for inexperienced buyers to choose 3 or 5 industry leading machines to compare them mutually. This comparison is very effective to judge performance of top rated machine. You need to focus on technical specification, software compatibility, RAM, hard drive, graphic card, circuit board and other parts.

1) Newest HP Pavilion X360 13.3-Inch Touchscreen Convertible Laptop PC:

HP Pavilion X360 Touch Screen Convertible Laptop PC is just 13.3 inches and it suits your almost 100% activities inside as well as outside your homes. You can also carry it with you when you are setting a journey. Further, this machine is mini in size, but is greatly awesome in performance, speed, working, compatibility with other devices and helpful in multitasking. Basically, it represents the 5th Generation and it comes with Core i3 5010U 2.1 GHz processor that is enough efficient and fast to perform well. In addition, HP Corporation has loaded all basic and advance specs in this machine including internet connecting software and other hardware. Further, it has been equipped with 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM that is DDR3L.


  • 13 inches touch screen laptop
  • Convertible machine
  • Intel Core i3 5010U 2.1 GHz processor
  • 5th Generation machine
  • 3 MB L3 Cache memory
  • Intel Full HD 5500 graphics
  • 500 GB hard drive and 4 GB RAM
  • WLED Backlit display
  • All connecting functions, hardware and software for sharing data
  • Silver color and 6 hours battery timing
  • Windows 8.1 Home 64 bits Operating System
  • Similar design to Lenovo Yoga etc.


  • Good machine, but it has limited RAM and internal memory.
  • No optical drive has been included.

2) Acer S3 13.3-Inch High Performance Ultrabook Laptop PC:

Acer machines are famous for their endless features, advance specs and long lasting durability. By battery timing, Acer S3 high performance Ultrabook laptop is unbeatable in global markets. This machine is just 13.3 inches, but its performance is really stunning. You can use it as a traveling notebook and carry without a bag. It is also the best to use in offices and at home for official as well as personal activities. In general, Acer S3 Ultrabook comes with Dual Core i3 2367M 1.4 GHz processor. Secondly, this machine owns 4 GB RAM and 320 GB SATA hard disk with additional 20 GB SSD. It has following important pros and cons which you must go through before to order.


  • Intel HD 3000 graphic card
  • Intel Core i3 2367M 1.4 GHz processor
  • 320 GB SATA drive and 4 GB DDR3L SDRAM
  • 20 GB additional storage memory
  • CineCrystal LED Backlit display with 13.3 inches screen
  • Audio speakers, HDMI, USB ports, Webcam, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, headphones, VGA and microphone jack
  • Windows 8 Ultrabook 64 Bits OS
  • 6 hours battery timing etc.


  • No DVD is included.
  • Limited space of RAM
  • Not sufficient internal memory for the storage
  • Small and less capable processor.

3) ASUS Chromebook 13-Inch HD with Gigabit WiFi, 16GB Storage & 2GB RAM (Yellow):

Cute colors and more appealing designs have become essential part of our official as well as personal life. Today, most of laptop users prefer eye catching colors and amazing designs of the machines when they go to some markets to purchase these products. If you are willing to buy a machine with cute and impressive color as well as the design, then nothing in the market is the best than Asus Chromebook that is available in Yellow color and appealing design. Structure of this machine is really innovative and unique that does not let it heat up. It offers the 10 hours battery timing that makes it a brand of the year. Special spec in this product is Gigabit Dual Band Wi-Fi.


  • 4 GB RAM and 16 GB flash memory
  • Dual Core 2.16 GHz processor, HD webcam and Gigabit Dual Band Wi-Fi
  • Windows 10 Operating System in 64 Bits
  • MS Office Editor as well as the Google Docs
  • 10 hours battery timing with single recharge
  • Powerful exhaust fan to keep its temperature at low level
  • 3 Inches LED HD display with advance resolution
  • HDMI, USB 2.2, 3.0, Bluetooth, SD Card reader and 100 GB Google Storage device for a couple of years
  • Price of this machine is under your budget of $500 etc.


  • No CD/DVD
  • It does not install Standard MS Office.
  • Very limited RAM and internal storage memory.

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