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Today, it is not difficult to search and find the laptops under some specific price like $700 or other value. But, there are many factors which buyers must keep in mind when searching advance, latest and stylish laptops from a competitive market. The most important thing for buyers is that which computer they should buy and what features their selected system owns. In fact, it is quite well to say that rational customers always hunt for the best specs, latest technology, advance features and screen size of the recently introduced laptops. While, many inexperienced buyers prefer stylish look, size, design of the case of laptops and other similar factors. If you give priorities the specs and technology over look of these machines, then this will be much useful for you. Further, your search for latest laptops should be relevant to a fixed price or budget you will be willing to pay.

Huge Competition Among Laptop Manufacturers:

A number of laptop manufacturers have been manufacturing and selling their best brands in the world. Usually, the tough competition exists among top 10 companies that are considered very best with their laptops. It is a good news for laptop buyers that there is a perfect competition among these world’s leading manufacturers. While, the customers will have better opportunities to buy their favorite and fabulous laptops at best prices. In the past, there was only Apple that was a monopolist and the users had to purchase its products and systems at fixed prices due to unavailability of other buying option or substitute. In short, when the numbers of firms or manufacturers in a competition increase, then competition among companies will be more competitive.

Best Ways to Buy an Advance Laptop:

In current, almost 81% buyers around the world try to purchase goods by convenient, easy and time efficient ways. However, you can also shop latest laptops from conventional markets by visiting them. When you select online shopping to purchase a laptop, then for this you must have good ability of searching on internet. Buyers will be in loss if they choose one seller and complete their purchasing here. You need to search best laptops and then compare all to find the most excellent one. Finally, buyers need to manage for a recommended and generally acceptable payment mode like credit, debit cards or online bank account.

1) 2016 Newest Dell Inspiron 5000 15.6″ FHD Touchscreen Laptop:

Dell is one of the top 10 laptop manufacturers of the world and it is following Apple for last couple of years in quality and innovative products. Now, it has launched its Intel Core i7 6th Generation laptop with heavy duty hardware and latest software. Dell Inspiron 5000 is a 15.6 inches display laptop that is FHD and Touch Screen. You can view its amazing technical features and specs in the following list. It will cost you $699 that is a high price, but it is an all-rounder product.


  • Certified refurbished laptop is a 6th generation product
  • Intel Core i7 6500U 3.10 GHZ processor and 4M Cache
  • 16 GB RAM, 1 TB SATA hard drive with 5400 RPM
  • 6 inches display and FHD Touch screen
  • AMD Radeon and 4 GB Discrete video card
  • USB 3.0, webcam, TLE, Bluetooth, digital microphone, stereo speakers, HDMI, Wi-Fi, DVD, SD card reader and backlit keyboard
  • Windows 10 64 bits operating system
  • Intel graphic card etc.


  • It is expensive, but it is suitable for those who are hunting for laptop under $700.
  • Little heavy than other Dell Inspiron products.

2) 2016 Newest Lenovo Flagship High Performance Laptop:

New Lenovo Flagship High Performance Laptop 2016 is the sum of different technologies, ideas and efforts. You can never find a suitable substitute of this product throughout the world. It is Intel Core i7-5500U with 1080 Pixel display. The screen size of this laptop is 15.6 inches, while its RAM is up to 8GB that makes it a fastest working laptop with 2.4 GHZ 4MB processor. Further detail of this brand has been provided in pros and cons section.


  • 6 inches Display with 1080 pixels resolution
  • Intel Core i7 5500U CPU
  • AMD Radeon graphics
  • 8 GB RAM and One TB hard drive
  • DVD player, backlit keyboard, stylish design and Windows 10 operating system
  • RAM can be expanded up to 16 GB.
  • HD Webcam, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, speakers, microphone, USB, HDMI ports and Mic jack
  • 4 hours battery life and 64 bit operating system etc.


  • It is a high priced laptop.

3) 2016 Newest HP 15.6″ Full HD High Performance Premium Touchscreen Laptop PC:

Since the beginning of 21st century, HP has been experiencing many challenges in the global industry. But, it does not mean it has lost its position. It always brings a newer thing which the customers always view first time in their life. HP Full HD High Performance Touch Screen laptop is the one that proves ability, skills and creative thoughts of HP. There are a number of superb features and technical parts of HP that make it an unbeatable and matchless laptop of 2016.


  • AMD Quad Core A10 processor
  • 6 inches display with 1920 x 1080 pixels
  • FHD IPS WLED Backlit keyboard
  • Touch screen laptop with R6 Discrete graphics
  • 16 GB DDR3 RAM and 1 TB hard drive
  • 8 GHZ to 3.2 GHZ turbo frequency processor range
  • Digital microphone, HD webcam, Bluetooth, DVD, WLAN, 2 x USB 3.0, LAN, HDMI, Digital card reader and combo jack
  • 7+ hour battery life and Windows 10 operating system with 64 bits etc.


  • Cost if high and not affordable
  • Little heavy.

4) 2016 New Model Toshiba Satellite L75 Flagship High Performance Laptop PC:

Toshiba Satellite L75 Flagship is a high performance laptop PC with user friendly operating system and specs. It is a newer model of Toshiba in 2016 with 1 TB hard drive, 8 GB RAM, Core i5 5200U, Windows 10, DVD and all other basic and standard specs.


  • 3″ display with 1600 x 900 HD resolution, 720p supported
  • 1 TB hard drive and 8 GB RAM
  • TruTalk dual microphones
  • HDMI, Memory card reader, USB 3.0, Webcam, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, LAN, DVD and Dedicated graphics
  • Intel Core i5 5200U 5th generation laptop
  • Stereo speakers
  • Windows 10 64 bits operating system etc.


  • Heavy duty machine, but it is expensive one.
  • It is new innovation and still not available everywhere.

5) 2016 Newest Lenovo 17.3-inch HD+ LED-backlight Flagship High Performance Laptop PC:

Sometime Lenovo introduces smart PC’s, while on many occasions it stuns its rival with bigger one. Now, it has launched its 17.3″ Flagship high performance laptop with Full HD resolution, LED Backlight and Intel Core i7 5500U CPU system. This brand is amazing in look because it is extra slim, thin and lightweight that is easy to carry. In addition, Lenovo has equipped some other features and specs in this product that are in following lists.


  • Slim, smart, lightweight and 17.3 inches machine
  • One TB SATA 54 RPM hard drive and 8 GB RAM DDR3L
  • Dual Core i7 5500U 5th Generation 2.4 to 3.0 GHZ processor
  • 4MB Cache
  • Intel 5500 graphics
  • LED Backlit display and Full HD resolution
  • DVD, Webcam, Wi-Fi, LAN card, advance audio system, Bluetooth and additional jacks for microphones/headphones
  • HDMI, USB and data cable port
  • Windows 10 64 bit operating system
  • 5 hours battery life with 4 cells Li-ion battery etc.


  • Not a traveling machine
  • It is bit expensive.

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